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So you’re interested in a responsive design workshop…

Hey so I’m a little excited about this: Karen McGrane and I are launching a responsive design workshop.

In the past few years, in speaking with client companies and colleagues, the one thing that comes is that responsive web design doesn’t begin and end with CSS. The best responsive sites are founded upon a culture of performance; they’re made with iterative design and development practices; they plan for accessibility and progressive enhancement from the outset; and they are, perhaps most importantly, built upon a well-researched and -executed content strategy.

In other words, successfully designing responsively isn’t just about fluid grids and media queries: it’s about designing a better process. And that’s the challenge Karen and I find really, really interesting. (And as it happens, we have a bunch of ideas on the topic, too.)

To that end, we’ve designed a workshop to share the many things we’ve learned about responsive design and mobile content strategy over the course of one day or two. And we want to share them with you and your company.

If all this sounds interesting to you, we happen to have a little website with a bit more detail. Check it out; we’d love to hear what you think.